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Our People


101cm x 101cm thick white edges ready to hang

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Made intuitively for Mark and Dana

As far as a story goes, well….a local Mum who is part aboriginal and has adopted her cousins child as her own (who is also part aboriginal) asked me to paint her a painting for a particular spot in the house. She is quite a collector and has some fabulous works in her home so it was very exciting. The funny thing is, is that she told me she likes the colours that Max Mannix uses, blue and earthy Australian tones. Stacey just told me to “do my thing” and see what I could do. Some of those colours are not my normal colour palate but I was happy to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Due to her and her sons heritage, I felt a compelling urge for the painting to relate to the Australian landscape and honour the people of the land.
Now sometimes paintings just flow easily and “presto”, but this one was REALLY hard. I went over and over and over it for months until I just let go and something amazing happened. You can see the painting on Bluethumb it is called “Untethered” as that is how she helped me to feel although I did struggle in the beginning. Currently that painting is in it’s home next to a Tommy Watson, Gloria Petyara,  Minni Pwerle (and a Bromley). SO honoured!
Now “Our People” was inspired by that painting and the colours I used. I am totally in love with using these colours and am currently working on quite a few. I used longer lines to suggest people of the land, blending into the land like a mirage. While all this was happening I discovered Xavier Rudd’s song called “Spirit Bird” and am also about to paint a huge mural with a well known Indigenous Artist. Connected!

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