200cm W

120cm H

4cm edge

Mixed media using acrylic & oil paints, texture, oil pastels & charcoal on gallery quality canvas stretched onto solid pine timber frames

Ready to hang

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Statement Art

As like most of my works, ENIGMA was lovingly made from scratch starting with the solid pine timber frames. I then stretched my own gallery quality canvas and primed it with texture including sand, glues and paint to seal and strengthen. ENIGMA is layers of work using acrylic paint, oil paints, oil crayons, paint pens, chalk and charcoal. Most of my work is a layering technique until I am totally satisfied with the balance and harmony of the chosen colours. My works are often very large and create a unique curiosity about HOW they were made. (So I can’t give all my secrets away :)) They make the viewer want to reach out and touch them and every time you look at the painting you will see something new, something hidden that you didn’t notice before. There are colours under colours which come together with the merging of the top layers. Sometimes I use oil crayons, chalk, charcoal, pens, the end of my paint brush, my finger tips or anything around me to create and mark lines and interesting expressions. I also like to use drip work to bring colours together. ENIGMA is a huge standout piece which will keep you and your family/friends immersed for many years.


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